Chiquitico believes we can enjoy the sounds of a foreign language the same way we enjoy the sounds of music.

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The Spanish program is designed for children with and without Spanish experience.
Our classes consist of a series of songs our students will learn in order to grasp the concepts being taught. The dynamic of our lessons consists of a musical experience, games, and social interaction in which our students have fun while learning. They will learn basic vocabulary, simple expressions for everyday use and a different topic of the day for each class. Each topic of the day will not only reinforce some of the vocabulary seen in past lessons, but also will add new and interesting challenges.  For example, one class will have the topic of the day “Las Flores (Flowers)” while another class will have the topic “Las Mascotas (Pets)”. These changes in subjects add amusement and excitement during the learning time, encouraging them to learn by their own curiosity.



Students will be encouraged to engage and participate in the different activities while singing and learning core songs from the program.

  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Vocals
  • Alphabet
  • Topic of the day: For example, “Flores” is a lesson in which children will learn the names of different flowers in Spanish. Rosa, Margarita, Girasol, Tulipán, Hortensias, Orquídeas.

Different motor skills: It’s an activity to really GRAB their attention! A really great book, dance along, or a sing a song that relates to this lesson’s plan. Here’s where child’s love for learning sparks. This is the perfect opportunity to open up the class for a group discussion and integration. This help them realize the importance of today’s lesson.


Children will learn common Spanish expressions, understanding and
answering easy Spanish questions, verbs and feelings.