Covid-19 Disclaimer

Due to Covid-19, only our Spanish program is available for online classes. Please contact us for more information about in-person classes.


A fun, interactive Spanish experience for children!

classes teach Spanish using original songs, games, and visual materials.
Students will love singing our songs and internalizing a new language!

Free Spanish Class

Try my Free Demo class to learn more about howSpanish class works.


Group Classes

Let’s have fun, interact with your peers, participate!


Private Classes

Learn Spanish at your own pace! We focus more on the areas that interest you the most and that allow you to understand better.


*Prices vary depending on class size and number of sessions. 

Take the classes with teacher Maria! Her classes consist of a 30 minutes live-stream musical experience each week.
She uses Zoom Communications to teach the class where your child will learn basic Spanish vocabulary through songs and play. Students will learn songs in order to grasp the concepts being taught. They will learn basic vocabulary, simple expressions for everyday use, and a different topic of the day for each class.

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This is a fascinating encounter with a non-native language, designed for students with no spanish experience.

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Our approach focuses on the fundamentals of music in order to achieve an effective knowledge and interpretation of a song.



Rachel C.

Maria had great energy and kept both my 3yo and 6yo engaged throughout. Loved the use of music and animations to teach language.


Violet D.

The class is engaging and offers resources to practice after session with many child.


Lauren G.

The teacher was very sweet and organized a fun class fit for small children.


Judy M.

Maria is energetic, fun, and easy to understand. She also has a beautiful voice and sings her songs in the right key for the kids to sing too.